Incident Management Team Volunteer

Volunteers who serve on the IMT have extensive experience in search and rescue operations or expertise in a field upon which the IMT depends, such as logistics, intelligence, public information management, welfare or safety.

It is unusual for a new volunteer to immediately serve on an IMT, unless they have extensive experience of search and rescue or emergency management.

IMT volunteers are valued for their planning, diversity of thought and decision making abilities.

Physical fitness is not a requirement of the IMT, however volunteers should be capable of working in stressful situations.

You should be able to use a computer, and the ability to interpret a topographical map is a significant advantage. As this role is subject to call outs, you should be able to get yourself to your local Land Search and Rescue group at short notice.

Commitment & Training

Incident Management Team volunteers are called upon to manage search and rescue operations. This could occur at any time of the day or night. You, your whānau, and your employer should all be comfortable with this possibility.

Land Search and Rescue provides a variety of training for Incident Management Team volunteers. Some of it is provided by professional tutors organised at a national level by Land Search and Rescue Training and some of it is provided by your local group.

The frequency and duration of training will depend on your local group, but most groups train at least once a month, and a couple of weekends a year.

Role Description

The Incident Management Team (IMT) plans and manages search and rescue operations. It is led by the coordinating authority for the operation, which is normally New Zealand Police.

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Make sure you discuss joining SAR with your employer before signing up. Some work places allow special leave for SAR operations, others may require you to use your own leave. Discuss the process for notifying your boss when you are called out on a search.

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Land Search and Rescue acknowledges the huge commitment made by the whānau of our volunteers. Without family support, many of our volunteers would be unable to dedicate their time. Please share this information with your whānau.

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