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Admin support volunteers’ roles vary and some may be operational (available for search and rescue operations) and some are non-operational. They do not require a level of fitness or in depth knowledge of the outdoors. An eye for detail, logical yet diverse thinking, flexibility and working under pressure are key attributes for this role.

Given the variety of tasks performed by Admin Support volunteers, there is no set requirements for this role.

Some volunteers may have an aptitude with computers or communications. Others may provide logistical support by driving or catering for other volunteers.

WanderSearch administrative volunteers are empathetic and personable, with an ability to relate to people with cognitive impairment. 

Commitment & Training

Some Admin Support volunteers are called upon to support search and rescue operations. This could occur at any time of the day or night. You, your whānau, and your employer should all be comfortable with this possibility.

Land Search and Rescue provides a variety of training for Admin Support volunteers. Some of it is provided by professional tutors organised at a national level by Land Search and Rescue and some of it is provided by your local group.

The frequency and duration of training will depend on your local group, but most groups train at least once a month, and a couple of weekends a year.


Role Description

Admin Support provide services to the IMT and the deployed field teams during a search and rescue operation, and help our groups operate. It is a vital role and search and rescue operations cannot function without it.

These support services may include computer and data management, use of communications systems and logging communications, passage of information, issuing of equipment, mapping and tracking teams, organising transport and movements, and organising replenishments and meals.

In addition, some of our volunteers provide administration to WanderSearch, that supports people living in the community who are at risk of going missing to live healthy active lifestyles.

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Make sure you discuss joining SAR with your employer before signing up. Some work places allow special leave for SAR operations, others may require you to use your own leave. Discuss the process for notifying your boss when you are called out on a search.

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Land Search and Rescue acknowledges the huge commitment made by the whānau of our volunteers. Without family support, many of our volunteers would be unable to dedicate their time. Please share this information with your whānau.

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