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Key points for LandSAR Volunteers


LandSAR has engaged Instep to provide all LandSAR volunteers with access to confidential professional assistance, helping volunteers to navigate challenges arising from LandSAR activities.

This kind of service is often called an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Instep and LandSAR refer to this support for LandSAR volunteers as a Members Assistance Programme (MAP).

Instep’s Member Assistance Programme is provided by LandSAR to help volunteers get to the right help when they need it. Through Instep, volunteers can get completely confidential support that helps them reduce and manage challenges arising from LandSAR activities.

How to get help

Some people prefer to talk to arrange help. To speak with an Instep professional, call 0800 284 678 any time. You’ll be talking to someone who knows a little about LandSAR, and who will help you figure out if MAP is the place to get help, and what kind of help you need.

Instep’s website www.instep.nz has an assistance request form, as well as further information about how this kind of help works, and some very useful resources and tools. Many people use the website to request a time to meet with one of our qualified providers – on-line or face to face, at a time and place that suits.

What you’ll need to tell us

Whether through the webpage or by telephone, Instep collects some information to match the request to a suitable provider. Some of the client’s information is passed on to the provider to be reasonably sure of the match. Instep does not release client information to employers or other organisations without the client’s explicit consent. LandSAR’s Health, Safety & Wellbeing Advisor (HSW Adv) receives anonymised periodic reports.

What’s included?

LandSAR’s MAP is a specialist psychological assistance service for volunteers, providing:

  • assistance as requested by volunteers who experience distress during or following SAR activities
  • attendance on-site during or soon after particularly challenging events, at request of HSW Adv
  • rapid response after challenging events, requested by a Group Support Team Leader (GS-TL) or HSW Adv  practical coordination with the separate trauma counselling benefit, to minimise cost and delay  monitoring over agreed period (weeks or months) for people at risk of trauma setting in.

Want help from a professional you already know?

Instep works with hundreds of providers nationally. If you would like to select a provider to work with, the webpages show a selection of providers we work with. Or leave this box blank and we will match you with someone in your area.

For confidential advice and support related to your participation in LandSAR activities in New Zealand, call 0800 284 678 24 hr, 7 days a week, or use the web: www.instep.nz — member login landsar password wellness

You need to give your name, phone number, email, address, volunteer number and name of your group

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Anxiety & Depression | Concerns about Alcohol or Drug Use | Grief & Loss | Volunteer / Life Balance

In an emergency please phone 111 for Police or your local hospital for psychiatric assistance

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This pamphlet about coping with psychological trauma was developed by NZSAR in consultation with the sector health and safety committee and is a useful resource for all members.