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Safety Management System

The LandSAR Safety Management System (SMS) covers safety management for the training, SAREX, operational and other activities of LandSAR volunteers and staff.

Casualty recoveryThe SMS provides risk management processes, procedures and forms for SAR volunteers that keep everyone as safe as possible. SAR is not without its inherent risks and we need to control our own management of risk by having the best possible safety management system.

The individual components of the SMS are:

The forms are Word documents which download to your computer for completion.  Each form relates to a different level of event planning or operational role.

LandSAR Safety Standards include details of common hazards and risk controls.

A really important aspect of the SMS is the value of reporting near misses and accidents. A key contributor to keeping yourself and your LandSAR colleagues safe is our ability to learn from incidents that occur. We can’t do that (and share these learnings) if we don’t hear about incidents. And near misses are just as important as actual incidents.

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