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    Brian Holland

    Just attened an assessors course this weekend and found it to be quite good. Some heady stuff discusssed in the weekend. If assessing is intergrated with training on SAR skills I think it will be received quite well. Any further commentson this topic nowthat I have started the ball rolling?

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    I would like to think that the 4098 and 11281 become a requirement for a LandSAR assessor, after all this would mean all assessors are qualified to the correct level and assess at that level, there should be no excuse for not achieving this…otherwise how can assessments be consistent regardless of group, it also provides reassurance to those being assessed that you actually are qualified to do this rather than using the “Ive been in SAR for years therefore I don’t need a bit of paper to say I know what I’m doing”…those days in a competency world are gone….after all we assessors should be competent also- should we not

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