Heli rescue


Who in LandSAR do you want to contact?

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson, LandSAR NZ Chair

Email: C/- admin@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Pat Waite

Pat Waite, Chief Executive

Email: ceo@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Rae Wakefield-Jones

Rae Wakefield-Jones, Administration & Finance Manager

Phone: 03 374 24 24 | 027 655 4445

Email: rae@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Pete Corbett

Pete Corbett, Training & Development Manager

Phone: 021 877 529

Email: pete.corbett@landsar.org.nz

Karen Walker

Karen Walker, Training Support Officer

Phone: 027 200 1572

Email: karen.walker@landsar.org.nz

Mike Ambrose

Mike Ambrose, Group Support Manager

Phone: 021 274 1027

Email: mike.ambrose@landsar.org.nz

Ian Newman

Ian Newman, Group Support Officer
Upper North Island
Operational Tracking, Radio Communications and Minor Equipment

Phone: 027 200 1503

Email: ian.newman@landsar.org.nz

Peter Zimmer

Peter Zimmer, Group Support Officer
Lower North Island and Alpine Cliff Rescue

Phone: 027 479 1926

Email: Peter.Zimmer@landsar.org.nz

Aimee MacDonald

Aimee MacDonald, Group Support Officer
Upper South Island

Phone: 027 578 2500

Email: aimee.macdonald@landsar.org.nz

Kelly Hoskin

Kelly Hoskin, Group Support Officer
Lower South Island, Search Dogs

Phone: 022 136 2962

Email: kelly.hoskin@landsar.org.nz

Delanie Halton

Delanie Halton, National WanderSearch Co-ordinator

Phone: 027 282 2510

Email: wandersearch@landsar.org.nz

LandSAR Contractors

John Woolf, Radio Communications

Email: John.Woolf@landsar.org.nz

Tony Teeling, Competency Framework

Email: tonyt.icl@xtra.co.nz