Heli rescue


Who in LandSAR do you want to contact?

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson, LandSAR NZ Chairman

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell, Chief Executive
All media enquiries

Phone: 021 461 401

Email: ceo@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Rae Wakefield-Jones

Rae Wakefield-Jones, Administration & Finance Manager

Phone: 03 374 24 24 | 027 655 4445

Email: rae@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Pete Corbett

Pete Corbett, Training & Development Manager

Phone: 021 877 529

Email: pete.corbett@landsar.org.nz

Karen Walker

Karen Walker, Training Support Officer
Upper South Island GSO Support

Phone: 027 200 1572

Email: karen.walker@landsar.org.nz

Peter Zimmer

Peter Zimmer, Group Support Officer
Lower North Island and Alpine Cliff Rescue

Phone: 027 479 1926

Email: Peter.Zimmer@landsar.org.nz

Ian Newman

Ian Newman, Group Support Officer
Operational Tracking and the Radio Communications and Minor Equipment Projects

Phone: 027 200 1503

Email: ian.newman@landsar.org.nz

Mike Ambrose

Mike Ambrose, Group Support Officer
Lower South Island, Search Dogs and RiverSAR

Phone: 021 274 1027

Email: mike.ambrose@landsar.org.nz

LandSAR Contractors

John Woolf, Radio Communications

Email: John.Woolf@landsar.org.nz

Tony Teeling, Competency Framework

Email: tonyt.icl@xtra.co.nz