Heli rescue


If you live in New Zealand

and want to report someone lost or missing, always call 111 the emergency number for Police, Fire and Ambulance.

If you live in New Zealand

and want an update about an outgoing search and rescue operation, please call the Police on 105.

If you live outside New Zealand

please phone your local Police station. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the New Zealand Police via INTERPOL.

Who in LandSAR do you want to contact?

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson, LandSAR NZ Chair

Email: C/- admin@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Carl McOnie

Carl McOnie, Chief Executive - all media enquiries

Phone: 027 910 1250

Email: ceo@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Celeste Tobin

Celeste Tobin, Financial Manager

Phone: 021 2255 677

Email: celeste.tobin@landsar.org.nz

Dale Inwood

Dale Inwood, Accounts Administrator

Phone: 027 313 9101

Email: accounts@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Rae Wakefield-Jones

Rae Wakefield-Jones, Administration Manager

Phone: 03 374 24 24 | 027 655 4445

Email: rae@landsar.org.nz

PO Box 13182
Christchurch 8141

Tony Wells

Tony Wells, General Manger - Training

Phone: 021 877 569

Email: tony.wells@landsar.org.nz

Karen Hallsworth

Karen Hallsworth, National Training Coordinator

Phone: 027 200 1572

Email: karen.walker@landsar.org.nz

Toni Holmes

Toni Holmes, Training Coordinator

Phone: 021 0616 383

Email: toni.holmes@landsar.org.nz

Lisa Mellish-Mytton

Lisa Mellish-Mytton, Academic & Compliance Manager

Phone: 027 568 9545

Email: lisa@landsar.org.nz

Megan Macleod

Megan Macleod, Training Support

Phone: 027 506 6722

Email: megan.macleod@landsar.org.nz

Jon McQueen

Jon McQueen, Development & Fundraising Manager

Phone: 022 064 9233

Email: jon.mcqueen@landsar.org.nz

Candice Tovey

Candice Tovey, Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 021 022 57800

Email: candice.tovey@landsar.org.nz

Mike Ambrose

Mike Ambrose, Group Support Manager

Phone: 021 274 1027

Email: mike.ambrose@landsar.org.nz

Louise Beaumont

Louise Beaumont, Group Support Officer
Upper North Island

Phone: 027 655 5746

Email: louise.beaumont@landsar.org.nz

Peter Zimmer

Peter Zimmer, Group Support Officer
Lower North Island

Phone: 027 479 1926

Email: Peter.Zimmer@landsar.org.nz

Aimee MacDonald

Aimee MacDonald, Group Support Officer
Upper South Island

Phone: 027 578 2500

Email: aimee.macdonald@landsar.org.nz

Kelly Hoskin

Kelly Hoskin, Group Support Officer
Lower South Island

Phone: 022 136 2962

Email: kelly.hoskin@landsar.org.nz

Clare Teague

Clare Teague, National Safer Walking Coordinator

Phone: 027 282 2510

Email: clare.teague@landsar.org.nz